Lunamer FAQs

1. Is Lunamer suitable for me?

Lunamer skincare products are specially formulated for women in their 20s and 30s. People in other age groups can use them too.

We recommend Lunamer if you are concerned about dryness, dullness and visible pores.

We recommend ASTALIFT if you wish to improve the skin condition in the areas of dark spots, wrinkles and skin sagging.

2. Can I use Lunamer if I have sensitive skin / allergy / atopic condition?

Individual results may vary. We recommend that you take a patch test* before using Lunamer skincare products.
(You may also wish to consult your doctor)

*Patch test: A test to determine skin sensitivity and allergic reaction to substances in order to ensure safety in using cosmetic products.

3. Can Lunamer treat acne?

No, but Lunamer skincare products can condition the skin to control acne. They remove pore-blocking keratin to prevent pores from becoming clogged with sebum. In addition, they have the effect of preventing inflammation in the skin.

4. Do Lunamer skincare products have a whitening effect?

No, but they remove and flush out melanin-containing aged keratin. As a result, they reduce dullness and increase the brightness of the skin.

We recommend Lunamer if you have no age spots, freckles and desire a translucent and clean complexion.

We recommend ASTALIFT if you notice signs of age spots and freckles.

5. What is Clear Nano Vitamin E?

It is tocotrienol. An active form of vitamin E formulated into nanoparticles with FUJIFILM’s technology. Our Clear Nano Vitamin E offers high penetration and stability. It contains a high level of anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effects to block skin-damaging hazardous materials.

6. How is Lunamer Brightener different from wipe-off beauty essence and face scrub?

Wipe-off beauty essence is designed to remove residual dirt after cleansing and facial wash. Face scrub contains abrasive materials to polish the skin, and is normally used as a type of facial wash.

Lunamer Brightener is a wipe-off beauty essence that removes unnecessary keratin, waste products and damaging elements in the skin, and helps to generate healthy skin cells to achieve a clear and translucent complexion.

7. Please teach me the correct steps to use Lunamer Brightener and ASTALIFT Jellyaqurysta.

Wash → Brightener → Jelly Aquarysta → Lotion → Emulsion/Cream → UV Protector

8. Can I use Lunamer Brightener every day?

You can, as the skin’s corneal layer is regenerated every day.

9. Will Lunamer Brightener strain or thin the skin if I use it every day?

There is no problem as long as you follow the recommended usage instructions. However, note that using Lunamer Brightener more often than necessary or rubbing it with force could strain the skin (use it once a day).

10. Can Lunamer Cleansing Oil remove waterproof mascara thoroughly?

Yes. Lunamer Cleansing Oil has the ability to thoroughly remove sunscreen and waterproof mascara, leaving your skin soft and supple.

11. Can I use ASTALIFT products together with skincare from other brands?

Yes. Some may feel that using a makeup remover with powerful cleansing performance eliminates the need for a facial wash. However, the skin contains dirt and oil that a makeup remover cannot fully remove. It is recommended that you carry out a double cleansing routine to return the skin to a dirt-free state.

12. Which Lunamer Lotion (I, II or III) should I use? What are the differences?

Lunamer Lotion I (Light) is recommended for people with oily skin or when your skin feels oily.

Lunamer Lotion II (Moisture) is recommended for people with normal or dry skin.

Lunamer Lotion III (Extra Moisture) is recommended for people with severely dry skin. It is also suitable for use during dry seasons.

13. Is it recommended to skip Lunamer Emulsion if I’m using Lunamer Lotion and Cream?

Skipping Lunamer Emulsion will not cause any problem to the skin. However, using it can boost the positive effects of
Lunamer Cream. We recommend the use of our full range of products to enjoy the maximum benefits.

14. Should I use Lunamer Cream or Emulsion?

We recommend the use of both to enjoy the maximum benefits.
(You may wish to skip Lunamer Cream if you have oily skin and are concerned about its ‘oiliness’ feel)

15. Which Lunamer Emulsion (I or II) should I use? What’s the difference?

Lunamer Emulsion I (Light) gives a refreshing feel and is formulated for people with oily or combination skin.

Lunamer Emulsion II (Moisture) provides a moisturising feel and is formulated for people with normal or dry skin. It is also suitable for use during dry seasons.

They are formulated based on the skin’s moisture and sebum secretion with different degrees of moisture retention.

16. Can I use Lunamer Cream in the morning?

Yes. For your night routine, we recommend that you use it after Lunamer Emulsion.

17. Does Lunamer UV Protector contain UV absorber and diffuser?

Yes. Its gentle formula means you can use it with peace of mind. If you are concerned, you may wish to try a sample first.

18. Is Lunamer UV Protector waterproof?

No. You may wish to reapply it if you perspire significantly.

19. Can I use Lunamer UV Protector as a makeup base?

Yes. This will allow your makeup foundation to last longer.