No, the typical reddish tone found in ASTALIFT products is derived from its key active ingredient, Astaxanthin which is a marine botanical extract of micro-algae. Studies have shown that Astaxanthin which is naturally colored red provides remarkable anti-oxidation protection and anti-ageing properties for the skin.
ASTALIFT RED series is an anti-ageing care specially formulated to target common skin-ageing signs like loss of elasticity, wrinkles, dryness and sagging. Therefore it is recommended both as a treatment as well as preventive care system for anyone desiring firmer, more moisturized and youthful complexion.
Yes, mild acids contained in ASTALIFT products serve important functions including normalizing melanin production for skin brightening, promoting collagen synthesis for skin firming, encouraging skin desquamation for pore care and maintaining a pH balanced environment that is optimal for the skin mantle (ie. normal skin pH ~5.5).
Yes, all ASTALIFT products are safe to use during pregnancy; however each person’s body reacts differently. Therefore we seek them to consult their gynaecologist or doctor before application.

As pregnant and breastfeeding women have special dietary needs, we encourage them to consult their gynaecologist or doctor before consumption.
Our collagen supplements derive collagen from fish (marine) collagen, however our supplements are not halal certified.
1 bottle per day for maintenance. Shake well before drinking and it is best served chilled.

ASTALIFT Supplements may be taken effectively together if recommended dosages are not exceeded. Frequency of consumption may also be reduced in accordance to your body’s needs as preferred.
White Shield Drink (1 bottle/morning after breakfast) + Pure Collagen Drink (1 bottle/night before bedtime)

Where whitening is concerned, 2 important elements must be included in your daily skin care: melanin-control and Deep UVA Protection.

Immediately the Astalift White Essence Infilt comes to mind as this light serum containing Fujifilm’s proprietary combination of Nano AMA, Nano Astaxanthin and Nano Rice Clear as a skin whitening, brightening and skin tone evening formula that delivers safe, reliable and effective results without any discomfort typically experienced when using conventional whitening ingredients.

Many products boast of broad spectrum protection but few can make a claim to effective deep UVA protection like Astalift D-UV Clear White Solution SPF50+ PA++++ does. With optimal protection against pigmentation-causing UVB rays and aging-causing UVA rays, this sunscreen is exceptionally advanced in UV protection technology and practicality as it allows skin to breath and sweat comfortably even under humid and hot weather. Its ultra light texture and fine particles even allows reapplying of sun protection over your makeup without destroying it.

As much as most people would like, real skin whitening results cannot be achieved instantly. Only cosmetic results can produce instant whitening effects. However, cosmetic effects do not last and effects are only superficial. In order to achieve quicker and more lasting whitening results, many risk their skin by subjecting it to harsh chemicals, scrubs and peels which may cause thinning of the skin, acid burns and irritation even when performed by trained professionals. The approach preferred by ASTALIFT is to achieve even skin tone reliably and safely by targeting excessive melanin primarily by decomposing the structures containing the melanin instead of destroying the cells that produce it.

Whitening cannot be achieved effectively with just skin whitening products. A complete routine of treatment, maintenance, protection and abstinence must be incorporated:
Medical procedures eg. lasers ; Minimally-invasive treatments eg IPLs ; Non-invasive treatments eg. ASTALIFT White series skincare eg. ASTALIFT Clear Treatment and Astalift Facials
Oral consumption of ASTALIFT White Shield Drink (for clearer & firmer skin)
Use a hat / umbrella / Broad-Spectrum UV protection against Deep UVA & UVB eg. ASTALIFT D-UV Clear Solution SPF50+ PA++++.
Sunbathing or prolonged UV exposure, excessive alcohol and smoking should be avoided to prevent stressing out the liver function, which in turn could give rise to skin pigmentation.

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 50+ refers to a protection period of at least 50 times against UV-B rays which causes sunburn and skin darkening. PA++++ indicates the highest protection level against UV-A rays which contributes to premature ageing and pigmentation problems.
Yes, not only does it provide excellent water-resistance, D-UV Clear is formulated for good sweat and sebum resistance as well. Therefore it is suitable for in-door and outdoor use including water sports.

Owing to the advanced anti-oxidation technology developed by Fujifilm, incorporating micro-encapsulated beauty ingredients and UV protective agents, D-UV Clear White Solution provides maximum protection and while supporting optimal skin comfort even under humid weather.

You would only need to apply comfortably an even spread of product on you face to fully enjoy the UV protective and beauty-enhancing benefits of this highly-functional product.
Functioning both as a makeup base cum primer as well as a sunscreen that can be reapplied even over makeup, the product also boasts a highly-elastic “Stretch UV Shield” that coats the skin firmly to accommodate facial movements protecting even deep facial lines from UV rays.
Yes, the UV Sensor Cap of the D-UV Clear detects the presence of damaging UV rays by changing its colour from white to purple.

To manage acne and/or oily skin effectively, it would be recommended to rely on proven acne-control care products eg. Lunamer AC range to keep skin hydrated and lightly moisturised while keeping the skin calm to reduce inflammation and having anti-bacteria properties to prevent recurrence of acne. This gentle approach may appear to take a longer time than harsh squeezing to see results, but the difference that the former achieves in terms of long term acne control makes it the more preferred practice of many cosmetologists and beauty professionals now.
The fragrance-free, no artificial coloring and non-comedogenic formula of the Lunamer AC which contains the proprietary ingredient “Acne Shooter”, is specially formulated to combat acne with its unique triple action:
  • Anti-inflammation to calm any redness or irritation
  • Unclogging pores by flushing out dead skin cells
  • Moisturisation to prevent skin dehydration.
The AC Fibre Foam contains micro-fibres (10-50 μm) that deep cleanses skin gently but effectively to remove impurities and prevent clogs caused by excessive sebum and accumulation of dead cells. Therefore, daily use of AC Fibre Foam is recommended not only for acne skin, but oily, congested and acne-prone skin as preventive care as well as homecare treatment.
The AC Fibre Foam contains micro-fibres (10-50 μm) that deep cleanses skin gently but effectively to remove impurities and prevent clogs caused by excessive sebum and accumulation of dead cells. Therefore, daily use of AC Fibre Foam is recommended not only for acne skin, but oily, congested and acne-prone skin as preventive care as well as homecare treatment.

Tip 1: Water
Stay hydrated with adequate intake of water daily as this helps to prevent excessive production of sebum on your skin which can lead to acne as a result of dehydration. The amount of water you need depends on your physique, lifestyle, diet, health and climate, but 8 cups of water per day is generally recommended.

Tip 2: Sleep
Having sufficient rest, sleep and avoiding late nights is vital for your mental and physical health as well as for skin repair. Not just ensuring 7-8 hrs of sleep, but also try sleeping before 11pm whenever possible. This helps to boost our organ functions in clearing toxins from our system ensuring not only better skin but also a healthier you. The hormonal balance and immune system in our body is affected when we are sleep-deprived. So remember to have a good sleep if you want to fight acne and win the battle!

Tip 3: Exercise
Regular exercises even moderately (eg. cycling, walking, jogging) help to improve metabolism and promote detoxification. Sweating removes waste material, clears pores and promotes blood circulation to keep blackheads, clogs and acne at bay.

Tip 4: Hygiene
Maintaining cleanliness is an effective way to prevent bacteria growth on skin. Avoid picking or squeezing acne to prevent skin infection and scarring. Instead, use an acne-control formulated cleanser eg. AC Fibre Foam regularly to effectively to manage acne.

Tip 5: Diet
Keep a low-fat, low-sugar and low-sodium diet balanced with plenty of fruits and greens. Obesity, high sugar and high salt intake may aggravate acne and cause breakouts as these are factors that can trigger hormonal imbalances, causing sebum production to spike.

Tip 6: Maintenance
Use an effective oil-control cleanser eg. AC Fibre Foam once to twice a day, instead of using harsh cleansers several times in a day as they cause unnecessary skin tightness, dryness and unnecessary sebum stimulation as a result on prolonged dehydration of the skin.

Tip 7: Makeup
Always prep your skin with a light moisturiser and a suitable makeup base before applying your makeup, this helps to improve the staying power of your foundation and prevents colour pigments in makeup from clogging your skin too. Invest in a reliable make up remover eg. Lunamer Cleansing Oil to ensure gentle but effective removal of makeup. Remember that makeup does not cause acne, inadequate removal of makeup does!

Astalift In-Focus Cellactive Serum has been formulated to work on skin’s Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) found in the dermis layer by protecting them from stresses induced externally from oxidation and internally from cell division, while strengthening cell signal iGF-1 to rejuvenate Epidermal Stem Cells (ESC) found in the epidermis of the skin.
No, however it contains apple stem cells that stimulate stem cells to re-energise aged cells and tissue.