Lighting Perfection Long Keep Pact UV Powder Foundation | 9g


  • Lightweight and buildable
  • Long-lasting and natural finish
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores


This powder contains antioxidants to moisturise your skin. With the help of red powder from Sakura petals, it diffuses red light while providing excellent coverage for skin blemishes. Witness a radiant and fresh appearance after use.


1) Before applying face powder, make sure foundation and concealer are applied
2) Use a brush, pick up the powder and tap away the excess
3) In circular motions, buff the powder onto all areas of the face
4) Brush towards the outer edge of the face to blend
5) If you have dry skin, powder lightly around the eyes or on dry areas. If you have oily skin, layer on extra powder at your T-zone or on oily areas


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