LUNAMER AC Anti-Acne Skincare Collection

$145.00 $69.00

  • AC Cleansing Oil 120 ml
  • AC Fibre Foam 80g
  • AC Skin Conditioner Normal 120ml
  • AC Gel Cream 60g


AC Cleansing Oil 120 ml  This lightweight AC Cleansing Oil contains a combination of “herbal moist extracts” derived from plants, including fermented pear juice liquid and blackberry lily extract. Making it suitable for acne prone skin as it removes makeup and clogged sebum whilst leaving the skin moisturized. Along with the orange oil infusion, this orange scented cleansing oil also helps to purify and tighten pores.

AC Fibre Foam 80g is gentle foam facial wash contains extremely fine fibres that penetrate deep into pores to remove sebum, dirt and acne- causing bacteria. It produces a rich lather for a gentle, through cleanse and a clean, smooth finish.

AC Skin Conditioner Normal 120ml is a gentle, highly moisturising lotion with a refreshing texture that condition the skin, especially dry areas prone to acne.

Contains the highest concentration of Acne Shooter, a new ingredient developed using Fujifilm’s proprietary nanotechnology to treat acne and intensively moisture skin at the same time.

AC Gel Cream 60g is a refreshing and lightweight gel cream that spreads across effortlessly for a non sticky finish. It replenishes and retains the skin moisture levels to boost resilience against acne breakouts. It contains proprietary acne shooter technology that target and treat acne while hydrating the skin.



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