Pure Collagen Powder 5,000mg
| 5.5g x 30pkt

(4 customer reviews)

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  • Packed in a convenient stick packaging
  • Low in calories, caffeine free, no coloring and preservatives added
  • Full of Antioxidants and consists of Lycopene and Nano-Astaxanthin to fight against the signs of ageing, achieving photogenic glow
  • High Quality collagen with low molecular, high premium grade pure collagen derived from first extraction
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Enhancing your beauty with collagen from within your body. Astalift collagen supplements harness the combined power of triple Collagens to ensure optimal supply of Collagen to your body. Low-molecular weight of Marine Collagen ensures effective absorption by your body, aided by two types of Pico-Collagens (Proline and Lysine) necessary for Collagen synthesis. Unlike others, Astalift’s leverage on the first extraction to give you twice the concentrated collagen for moist, firm and supple skin from head to toe. No preservatives & artificial colouring. Fat & caffeine free.

Key Ingredients

Collagen Peptide (Fish-Derived), Maltose, L-ornithine Hydrochloride, Vitamin C and Gelatine.


1) Mix collagen powder with coffee, tea, soup or even food for easy consumption. Take 1 – 2 sachets per day before breakfast or bedtime.
2) Avoid direct sunlight. Store in cool dry place. Avoid consumption of product if allergic to the ingredients stated.
3) Stop using if irritation or sensitivity develops.
4) If you are pregnant, lactating or taking medications, please consult a doctor before taking any nutritional products and consume immediately after opening.

4 reviews for Pure Collagen Powder 5,000mg
| 5.5g x 30pkt

  1. Jamise Ong

    Definitely the best collagen supplement I tried in terms of results & taste. Within 2 wks visibly noticed my nails & hair grew faster & stronger. Best of all, my colleagues swear my skin got firmer & my fine lines got fewer. Cant wait to start my next box!

  2. Livy

    Already on my 4th box and super in love with this product. Happy with the result so far, my skin looks healthier, my nails get stronger & fine lines are reduced. It’s easy to carry around in my bag and convenient to put into any drinks or soupy food. Sometimes I put in the dishes when I’m cooking.

  3. TPC

    Happy with this product. After taking can see improvement on my skin and nails.
    I also recommend it to my daughter , after taking she notices that her hair grew faster and stronger.

  4. Desmond Ho

    Have used other collagen products previously but this really works. Effect can be felt and seen within 2 weeks of consumption and it is easy to carry around especially overseas as it is airline security friendly. So i can even use it when overseas!.

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